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Family guided tour

Discover together the works and live of Vincent van Gogh.

The Family Tour is a fantastic activity for the whole family.

Together with a guide you will discuss anything and everything you want to know about Vincent van Gogh and his art. The tour is suitable for children of 6 years and older.

The tour will take about 50 minutes and the costs are €95,- per group with a maximum of 5 participants.


Approximately 50 min

Languages tour

Dutch / English


+ € 95,00 per 10 people

Group visit

Groups can enter the museum via de main entrance at the Museumplein.

This booking is for a group without any guidance. Entrance only.

Are you planning to bring your own guide or give a guided tour yourself? This is possible by the use of whispersets (free of charge). Please keep in mind that (tour) guides need to reserve an entrance ticket as well and can not enter free of charge. We allow 10 visitors per guide in order to garantee a pleasant and save visit for everyone. To book pleae select 'Group visit: External guide'.

Adults €19
Visitors aged under 18 free of charge

Group visit: External guide

With a group reservation you enter the museum via the main entrance at the Museumplein.

This reservation is for a group visit with an external guide.

In the Van Gogh Museum it is possible to give a tour yourself or to bring an external guide. To garantee a pleasant visit for everyone the maximum size for guided groups is 10 visitors per guide and the use of whisper sets is appriciated, but not mandatory. Devices are not availble for at the museum, but you can bring them yourself.

Adults: €19

Youth 17 years old and younger: free

Languages tour

Japanese / Chinese (Mandarin) / Italian / French / Spanish / German / English / Dutch / Korean / Portuguese / Russian

Group visit: Multimedia tour

Gain insights in the art and techniques of Vincent van Gogh via the multimedia tour!

This is your chance to truly understand Van Gogh by looking at his works from new perspectives. The interactive multimedia guide reveals a completely new side of Van Gogh. There are multiple options in the duration and type of the multimedia guide.

A group enters via the group entrance.

Price multimedia guide (excl. entrance price):

€ 3 Adults 
€ 0 Visitors aged under 18
Children aged 6-12 join their parents for free

Languages tour

Korean / Dutch / English / Russian / Chinese (Mandarin) / Japanese / Italian / French / Spanish / German / Portuguese

Guided tour Colour as Language

Make the most of your visit and book guided tour in English through our temporary exhibition.

What did Van Gogh and Etel Adnan have in common? Learn more about the special work and life of Etel Adnan and discover the similarities between her and Van Gogh. Book a guided tour through the exhibition.


Approximately 50 min

Languages tour

English / Dutch


+ € 95,00 per 10 people

Guided tour: Highlights

Do you want to gain new insights in the artistic and personal development of Vincent van Gogh?

During this special guided tour, a museum guide will introduce you to several famous paintings of Vincent van Gogh. You will learn all about the fascinating life and the art of Vincent van Gogh.

The tour will take approximately 50 minutes and the costs are €95,- per group with a maximum of 4 participants.

The indicated costs are excluding admission.


Approximately 50 min

Languages tour

English / Dutch


+ € 95,00 per 10 people

Painting Workshop

‘Painting workshop Colour as Language’ Work with paint and a brush and make landscape where color and shapes are the language, just like Etel Adnan does.

Etel Adnan and Van Gogh both had big admiration for nature. They translation of landscapes in very different way. Etel Adnan used color and different shapes. In this workshop you get to discover how to compose a landscape with exciting and abstract composition, just the way Etel Adnan did.

The workshops will be held in Dutch

Practical information: 

For whom: Adults

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Costs: € 28, including workshop materials, excl. museum entrance fee


Approximately 120 min

Languages tour

English / Dutch


+ € 28,00 per person